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The party committee of the company holds 2015 annual party construction and party conduct clean government construction work

Special report
2015/04/24 16:26
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On June 12, 2018, the first shareholders' meeting of sdic qinzhou power generation co., LTD., the sixth and third board of directors and board of supervisors, was held successfully in nanning, guangxi

On June 12, 2018, the first shareholders' meeting of sdic qinzhou power generation co., LTD., the sixth and third board of directors and board of supervisors, was held successfully in nanning, guangxi. The meeting was presided over by the chairman of the board of directors. The meeting deliberated and voted to adopt the bill on the consideration of the 2018 comprehensive budget report, the bill on the consideration of the 2017 general manager's work report and other 11 bills.


At the meeting, the chairman expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the staff for their efforts in 2017. The company's efforts and achievements in 2017 and the first half of 2018 are fully affirmed. First, new achievements were made in party building and corporate culture building. Second, strengthen the "red line awareness" and "bottom line thinking" of production safety, and maintain the stability of production safety; Third, we will try our best to overcome the adverse factors such as intensified competition in the electricity market and the high price of coal. Fourth, creative organizations should carry out activities to improve quality and increase efficiency, give full play to the important role of improving quality and increasing efficiency in effectively responding to severe situations and reduce losses. Fifth, in coal procurement, accurate judgment of the market, significant effect; Sixth, good results have been achieved in heating development, and the heating targets for 2018 have been completed ahead of schedule. Seventh, scientific and technological innovation and informatization have achieved fruitful results. Eight is in the coupling power generation, the intelligent power plant aspect walked in the front row, obtained the stage result.


In recognition of the achievements, the chairman of the board of directors put forward the following requirements for the company's next work:



We will continue to deepen and strengthen party building. We should integrate party building work with production and operation work to ensure the healthy operation of party conduct, clean government and clean management and control system. Give full play to the leading role of the party committee. 2. Consistently strengthen safety management. Improve unit reliability and lay solid foundation. 3. Strengthen market development. First, we will continue to increase power marketing efforts, continue to compete for power generation, and increase the number of hours used. Second, the continuous development of the thermal market, to strive for electricity synergies. Third, we will do a good job in coal procurement, finish the port opening as soon as possible, and reduce fuel costs. 4. Follow up the second phase project. 5. Improve the management system, strictly implement the system, and take the compliance management to a new level. 6. Pay close attention to human resources work, improve the ability and quality of all employees, improve the company's organizational structure and position structure, and deepen the reform of performance appraisal system and salary distribution system. 7. Promote energy-saving innovation management, increase the intensity of coal blending, actively carry out energy-saving innovations such as unit heating renovation and biomass coupling power generation projects. Continue to expand creative management in other areas of the smart power plant. Expect the company to achieve a substantial reduction in losses in 2018.


Gong xiaoyong, secretary of the party committee and general manager, said that the company will work with the shareholders and the board of directors to make concerted efforts and create new ideas. On the basis of ensuring safe production, the company will do a good job in external development, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement to ensure the completion of all business objectives in 2018.


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