• SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.
  • SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.

State Investment Qinzhou Power Generation Co. Ltd., Qinzhou Port,  Qinzhou City, Guangxi

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The party branches of the company carried out a solid theme party day activities
The first Thursday of each month is the "branch theme party day" determined by the party committee of the company. Recently, the party branches of the company have thoroughly carried out the "two lear
The company leadership team carries out the centralized study for opens the democratic life to strengthen the thought foundation
Recently, the company the outreach session of the party committee, the focus group study party notice regarding the democratic life in 2016, general secretary of xi jinping in the party's sixth plenar
Qinzhou state power plant to carry out "clean state investment" series activities
To further implement the party's central commission for discipline inspection of the eighteenth six times all the spirit and the central eight spirit, firmly opposed to "four winds", earnestly impleme
We will improve party spirit and fulfill the responsibility of the subject to promote party conduct and clean government
On the afternoon of June 30, jiang hua, secretary of the party committee and general manager of the company, gave a special party lesson entitled "strengthening the party spirit, implementing the main
The party committee of the company holds "two excellent first" commendation conference
To commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China, carry forward the party's glorious tradition, and create an atmosphere of innovation and excellence. Encourage all
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