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Women's Workers' Committee of SQEC Holds a Parent-Child Activity Celebrating the Children's Day

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2019/06/04 01:09
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To earnestly implement the Party's call for fostering the new generation for undertaking the mission of national rejuvenation, further enhance the awareness of socialist core values early among the yo

To earnestly implement the Party's call for fostering the new generation for undertaking the mission of national rejuvenation, further enhance the awareness of socialist core values early among the youngsters, send the warmth of the Party and the care of the trade unions to the employees and their children, and lead children to be ready to carry on the Chinese Dream, on the morning of June 1, 2019, the Women Workers' Committee of SQEC's Trade Union held an event for celebrating the Children's Day with the theme of "growing up in the sunshine and flying happily" in the multi-functional hall of SQEC. Gong Xiaoyong, general manager of SQEC, attended the event together with more than 80 children accompanied by their parents who are SQEC employees..

Starting with the popularization of power generation knowledge and taking SQEC cultural exhibition hall as the background, the children learned knowledge of power generation, which strengthened their awareness of power safety, enhanced their understanding of electric power, raised their interest, and achieved satisfactory results in science popularization education.

Subsequently, General Manager Gong Xiaoyong extended sincere greetings and festive wishes to all the children at the event. He emphasized that children are the hope and future of the family and the motherland, and that their healthy growth needs the care and earnest instruction from their parents and the care from all walks of life. It's a great honor for SQEC to take part in caring for children and create a happy world for children on June 1st. For this reason, he hoped that the children would enjoy the festival's pleasure with the naive and romantic heart of "my world, my life" on June 1st.

With benedictions from Mr. Gong, and wonderful cultural and artistic performances by the children began. They performed song singing, poem recitation, storytelling... The diverse programs showed us the children's talent, courage and aspiration, and let us see the hope of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese people.

The cultural and artistic performances were followed by parent-child interaction and interesting games. During parent-child interaction and interesting games, it was the crawling competition that excited us by seeing the naive faces of our children, the newspaper relay game that inspired us with the tacit cooperation between the children and their parents, and the play of "I am a little guide" that moved us for the trust and intimacy between the parents and children... As a saying goes, the love of parents is like rain falling from heaven, no one can resist. In the whole event, the most exciting things for children were the fun games. When we saw the children's firm eyes in throwing the "rings", when we sew the children's persistence in the "hurry-scurry " game, when we saw the children's calm attitude in the "balloon running", we were convinced that the future of our motherland would be better because we have successors for the development of China in the new era.

Although the celebration of the Children's Day was soon ended, it has far-reaching significance. It lets us enter the world of children's innocence and feel the purity of children's hearts; lets us attach importance to environmental education, enhance the awareness of practicing socialist core values early among the youngsters; lets us clearly understand our heavy responsibility and create a good environment for children to grow up.