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SQEC Rolls out Workplace Safety Month Activities All-roundly

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2019/06/10 09:55
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June of this year is the eighteenth Workplace Safety Month of China. The General Office of the Workplace Safety Commission of State Council launched the activities of the Workplace Safety Month and th

June of this year is the eighteenth Workplace Safety Month of China. The General Office of the Workplace Safety Commission of State Council launched the activities of the Workplace Safety Month and the Workplace Safety Tour with the focus on the safety of dangerous chemicals and the theme of "preventing risks, eliminating hazards and curbing accidents". In accordance with the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on workplace safety, SDIC, SDIC Power and SQEC have firmly established the philosophy of safety-based development, and conscientiously implemented the major decisions and arrangements on workplace safety made by the Central Committee of the Party, the State Council, the State Energy Administration and the workplace safety authorities of governments at all levels. Centering closely focused on the theme of preventing risks, eliminating hazards and curbing accidents", SQEC will organize a series of activities such as safety promotion and education, safety supervision and inspection, contractor safety control and emergency exercises, comprehensively implement the accountability of roles responsible for workplace safety, enhance safety awareness, knowledge and skills of employees, and ensure continued stability in SQEC's workplace safety performance

On June 5, 2019, the senior management and all members of the Workplace Safety Committee of SQEC participated in the kick-off meeting for the Workplace Safety Month, which was organized by Zhang Boxing, vice general manager of SQEC. Wang Yingmin, manager of the Safety, Health and Environmental Management Department, SQEC, played a video titled "Preventing risks, eliminating hazards and curbing accidents" for the audience The participants studied the "Workplace Safety Month Activity Program", and all stood up and read out the oath: "For the safety-based development of SQEC, for the safety of employees, for the happiness and well-being of their families, I swear that I will firmly establish the awareness of safety and adhere to the safety red line! Respect for life! Respect for law! Respect for supervision! Implement safety responsibility! Perform safety Duties! Create a safe environment! Observe safety precautions! "Prevent risks, eliminate hazards and curb accidents!" Glorify the 70th Anniversary of the foundation of the New China with practical actions! SQEC attaches great importance to the Workplace Safety Month activities by preparing plans in advance, organizing the activities in an orderly manner, establishing organizations for the Workplace Safety Month activities with General Manager Gong Xiaoyong as the head of the Leadership Group for the Workplace Safety Month. Under the proper guidance of the company's senior management, the activities have been rolled out in an orderly manner and vigorously promoted.

The activities span from June 1, 2019 to June 30. June 16 is the company's publicity and consultation day for workplace safety. Considering the characteristics of the actual work of workplace safety in 2019, in the course of the activities, SQEC will focus on inspection of the building of the safety, health and environment management system and the implementation of dual-prevention mechanisms; strengthening of safety supervision and inspection and hazard identification, prevention and mitigation of risks, tracking of closed-loop correction of hazards; carrying out dedicated investigation and correction of non-conformity in the dual-ticket system to improve the performance of work tickets; strictly inspecting the compliance of "safety bans" on production sites; facilitating the activities of "Year of Improvement in Contractor Workplace Safety Management" and "Year of Electric Power Safety Culture Building"; rolling out the activities of "Workplace Safety Month" in succession, such as news reporting and publicity, solicitation of articles, theme communication, safety publicity and consultation day, safety warning publicity and safety skill education competitions, emergency exercises, and special actions including "comprehensive management of dangerous chemicals", "flood control and drought relief", "response to summer peak " and "fire safety law enforcement and inspection". The activities of the Workplace Safety Month will be in innovative and diverse forms which are attractive to the general public.

The employees and contractors of SQEC will carry forward the idea of "life first and safety first" with full enthusiasm, practice the philosophy of SDIC "for the investors, society and employees ("three fors")", take practical measures to promote and improve the public safety system and the workplace safety responsibility system, and resolutely prevent serious and extraordinary safety accidents.