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About qinzhou port

2016/03/01 17:53
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Qinzhou port bay is located in the north of our country, in southern guangxi coastal south, north, chin against the center of the city, is the nearest inland of guangxi land port, has its unique predominance of convenient location, excellent port conditions, the unique linhai industrial land resources and the characteristics of rich coastal tourism resources, the development potential extremely.


As early as 1924, sun yat-sen sagely pointed out in his the founding of the People's Republic that "qinzhou lies at the top of Tokyo bay, at the southern tip of the coast of China, four hundred miles to the west of guangzhou. To the west of qinzhou, to choose the port from the sea would be 20 times less than that through guangzhou, but that would save 400 miles. However, there is no seaport to use, so direct import and export trade still takes qinzhou as the most economical stowage place." In the grand blueprint of sun yat-sen successively, dalian, Shanghai, guangzhou, yingkou, huludao, fuzhou, qinzhou seven seaports were built in the coastal area, and qinzhou port was listed as "the second largest port in the south". Decades passed and six other harbors were built, but the qinzhou port was still silent. After liberation, when qinzhou was under the jurisdiction of guangdong province, guangdong province organized forces to carry out a large number of surveys on qinzhou port, and prepared for the construction of zhanjiang port, but later it was shelved due to administrative division changes and border wars and other reasons.


In the early 1990s, encouraged by deng xiaoping's southern tour speech, the construction of qinzhou port was put on the agenda again with the launch of the construction of nan-kunming railway and the central government's decision of guangxi as a major corridor in the southwest. In August 1992, in guangxi OuDangWei and district people's government, under the concern and support of qinzhou people carry forward the "emancipate the mind, seize the opportunity, and hard struggle, fight with the top of the spirit of qinzhou, self-raised funds to build two - the first phase of the qinzhou port berths, built a simple operating, in January 1994 in design capacity of 900000 tons. In June 1996, the qinzhou port economic development zone (provincial-level development zone) was established with the approval of the government of guangxi zhuang autonomous region. The development zone covers an area of 89.2 square kilometers, including 34 square kilometers of land and 55.2 square kilometers of ocean. The population is about 13,000.


In the process of development and construction, although the construction funds are scarce, but the development of qinzhou port construction on the one hand, actively strive for state support, on the one hand, actively carry out investment promotion and capital introduction of financing, financing, especially from Singapore, Hong Kong and other places to build Hong Kong experience, and vigorously promote the owner wharf, go "who investment, who owns, who management, who benefit from" the diversification of new road built port, port development is swift and violent development. Up to now, over 2 billion yuan of fixed assets have been invested, and 7 quay berths have been built, including 4 10,000-30,000 tonnage berths and 3 10,000-ton berths, forming a capacity of 3 million tons per year. Hong Kong formed 233000 cubic meters of fuel oil, natural gas, liquid, asphalt plants, sugar, food and so on five big storage group, in addition, water supply, power supply, post and communications improving infrastructure, such as streets, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, hotels, parks, residential district and other municipal services facilities begun to take shape, a modern port prototype has been standing on the former wasteland.


In August 2000, the guangxi zhuang autonomous region party committee, the government in the "five major economic zone in guangxi development planning outline" and "and the anti coastal economic zone in guangxi development planning outline in qinzhou positioning for linhai industrial city, qinzhou port positioning for linhai industrial port, and take the lead in planning and construction in qinzhou port is the first 10 square kilometers of guangxi large-scale linhai industrial park after the starting area, qinzhou port area closely around the CPC municipal committee and municipal government proposed" to the Hong Kong xing city, to the city to promote open, project support, driving, the construction of linhai industrial city "development strategy, seize the historical opportunity of west development, with development as the theme, With project as the center, vigorously promotes the foreign investment promotion and capital introduction, strive to build a large linhai industrial (qinzhou) park in guangxi, linhai industrial project construction in full swing, pharmaceuticals, building materials, chemical, metallurgical, petrochemical and other industrial projects have settled in, in the park industrial output increased significantly, achieved high growth, low base with phosphoric acid as raw material processing production of series of phosphate industry chain expands unceasingly, export more, more than one hundred million yuan of industrial projects ground-broken in unceasingly, linhai industrial development situation is very good.


Qinzhou port in the process of development and construction, has been to get the care and support of the party and state leaders, the chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress chairman li peng, interests, chairman of the CPPCC national committee, the communist party of China's politburo standing committee, vice chairman, vice chairman of the central military commission hu jintao, China's politburo standing committee, the secretariat of the communist party of China commandant CCB, vice premier wu bangguo, member of the political bureau of the CPC central committee, Chinese academy of social sciences dean li, who people greatly chairman Tian Jiyun, zou jiahua, timur, dawa buy, Cheng Siyuan, Vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee Yang Rudai, qian wei-chang, jun-sheng Chen, amat, (, song jian, de-sheng li, Song Ping, Yang Chengwu, Wang Guangying, lu jiaxi, NiZhiFu the original party and state leaders successively to qinzhou port inspection or made important instructions, at December 1992, the then prime minister of the state council, the inscription: picking up as he visited the qinzhou port construction channel, southwestern service. President li ruihuan has instructed the leaders of the qinzhou region, "I support you in carrying out the port, and we must make it a" disturbance ". Tian jiyun vice chairman's inscription: qinzhou port must be built. When qinzhou port was officially opened to the outside world, li desheng, member of the standing committee of the central committee of the communist party of China (CPC) central committee, also wrote an inscription: "qinzhou port shall be built well to develop southwest China. In addition, the guangxi zhuang autonomous region party committee, government leaders have repeatedly to qinzhou port inspection work, made an important deployment for the development direction of qinzhou port, party and state leaders, the autonomous region leadership instructions, to speed up the qinzhou port development and construction, the construction of large linhai industrial (qinzhou) park of guangxi, to serve the development of the southwest.


Future looking forward to the future, qinzhou port, guangxi large linhai industrial (qinzhou) park concept planning has commissioned the international famous design agencies and international consulting evaluation and put forward the preliminary results, the autonomous region plan layout of thermal power plant, pulp mill, alcohol plant, aluminium plant and so on a number of major industrial projects prophase work goes well, perfect supporting infrastructure development continuously, the qinzhou port of today has set up a modern industrial port of the framework. It can be predicted that qinzhou port economic development zone, which is both a western development area and a coastal advantage, will become a bright pearl of western China in the near future.