• SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.
  • SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.

State Investment Qinzhou Power Generation Co. Ltd., Qinzhou Port,  Qinzhou City, Guangxi

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Company culture

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   The company is mainly engaged in the professional contracting of 110kV transmission lines (including cable engineering), substations and supporting projects. Subcontracting labor services for transmission lines, substations and supporting projects of 500KV and below; Power generation contract with a capacity of less than 100,000 KW; Altitude 70 m below the following structure engineering, construction area of 12000 ㎡ of various civil and industrial construction projects and matching road, communication, water supply and drainage, hvac, electrical and other pipe network pipeline facilities engineering general contracting; General contracting of urban roads, Bridges, water and gas pipelines and other comprehensive municipal public works within the scope of qualification; Agricultural network, distribution network, new residential allocation and user expansion project professional contract; 380V and below city square, road, highway, building facade, public green space and other lighting project professional contract; Users emergency repair, testing, maintenance and debugging; Overhead line construction stretcher and ancillary equipment leasing business.


SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.