• SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.
  • SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.

State Investment Qinzhou Power Generation Co. Ltd., Qinzhou Port,  Qinzhou City, Guangxi

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SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd


SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company which was established on Jan. 8, 2004 through investment from SDIC and Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. based on the stock right ratio of 61:39. Our company is mainly responsible for the construction and operation of Qinzhou Power Plant. Through developing new land area of 1350 mu by blowing sand and land reclamation, our company contributed to a modern myth of “a symbol of dogged determination” and “the Foolish Old Man who removed the mountains”.  

Our company plans to construct a first-rate large thermal power plant of 2×600MW+6×1000MW and total capacity of 7200MW in China. The constructed synchronously installed flue gas desulfurization plant for the first-stage project 2×600MW supercritical coal-fired generating unit is the key power construction project of the State, the first 600MW coal-fired generating unit as constructed by SDIC, and the first 600MW supercritical thermal power generating unit project as constructed in Guangxi. On July 22, 2014, the second-stage engineering 2×1000MW project was approved by the NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission). In 2016, double investment was realized. Since put into operation, the unit of our company generated a total power of 57.903 billion KWH (until Dec. 31, 2017), which supplied effective power support to the main network frame of the “west-east power transmission” project. Therefore, our company has become the large power base of Guangxi Autonomous Region and the powerhouse and powerful engine for the development and construction of Beibu Gulf.

Since establishment, our company has worked to raise its internal quality and build up the corporate image. By sparing no effort, our company has made fruitful achievements in terms of safety production, operation, management, and development of socialist culture and ethics. From 2004, our company was rated as “advanced collective for the great battle on the 100 projects of Qinzhou”. In 2008, our company was rated as “advanced collective on resistance to the disaster of freezing rain and snow”. From 2007 to 2013, our company was rated as “large taxpayer enterprise in Qinzhou which has good faith” and “top 100 taxpayer enterprises” of Guangxi Autonomous Region in 2013 for seven consecutive years. At the same time, our company was rated as study-oriented organization and advanced unit of the autonomous region, model unit for “harmonious enterprise” of the autonomous region, “excellent innovative enterprise” of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, “ten best Chinese enterprise with green responsibility” as awarded by the United Nations, “standard class-one enterprise for power safety production”, “national May 4th flag youth league committee”, “excellent organization enterprise for the national staff Ankang Cup competition”, “national staff for excellent and reasonable advice award on energy saving and emission reduction”, “national May Day labor certificate”, “model enterprise for development of professional ethics of national staff”, “home of national model staff”, “model enterprise for study of national model staff”, “national unit enterprise for the best contingency plan”, “demonstration site for the national staff education and training”, “benchmarking enterprise for the informatization of China electric power”, “benchmarking enterprise for the deep integration of the informatization and industrialization of Guangxi in 2015”, the fourth session of the “national civilized unit”, “top ten enterprises with powerful influence of corporate culture”, and “model enterprise for culture construction during the start of the 13th Five Year Plan.” 

Faced with severe challenges like sharp rise in the coal prices and the increasingly fierce competition in the power market, all our staff members responded in a quick and scientific way. Closely centering on our company’s working idea of “13338” and the “six hearts” cultural construction, we unswervingly stick to the guideline of “ensuring safety, rushing on electricity, controlling the coal price and lowering energy consumption” and actively uphold the corporate spirit of “innovation, concrete efforts, loyalty and harmony”. At the same time, we have vigorously upheld the business concept of “high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and maximum benefit” whilst carefully implementing the management concept of “people foremost, clarity, smoothness, and detailed specification” and exquisitely cultivating the core value of “wholehearted work and self-realization”. we have also actively carried out all the work which achieved the following encouraging performance. We have obtained the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification, and the established NOSA system is up to star five. We have passed the safety evaluation in high quality. The power consumption rate, coal consumption, oil consumption and other economic and technical indexes of the unit plant are up to or surpass the advanced level of the same type of unit in China. Our annual discharge of sulfur dioxide is the lowest compared with the same type of unit. Moreover, our staff showed a brand-new spiritual outlook, our cultural activities have been enriching continuously and our company has been developing harmoniously. 

Against the backdrop of both chances and challenges, SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd., under the correct leadership of our shareholders and the board of directors, has worked to deeply implement scientific outlook on development and follow the corporate objective of “for the investors, for the society and for employees”. Guided by “first-rate work style, first-rate team, first-rate management, first-rate external environment and create first-rate project”, we shall make persistent efforts in seizing the chances with a brand-new outlook, great enthusiasm, and high spirit, and engage in the second pioneering work of SDIC Group and in boosting the overall development of Guangxi. In this way, we may turn our company into a first-rate green energy enterprise of the country.     


SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd


SDIC Qinzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd